Management: Gerd Schlapp

Person to be contacted: Gerd Schlapp, management director

Gerd Schlapp

KiSch Consult Kft.

1139 Budapest

Teve u. 12 - 14

Tel.: +36 70 634 8957





Our partners:


We have wide ranging relationships from Europe to the Far East. Since most of our work was carried out abroad, we have a clear view over the expectations foreign companies set towards their employees and suppliers, and over product widths with the highest demands.

Our cooperating partners:

Nemeth Numerus Nobilis Tanacsado es Szamviteli Szolgaltato Bt. : Well known tax advice and bookkeeping agency, international marketing communications, PR and media affairs.

Kelemen, Meszaros Sandor and Partners : Law firm and representation of the Chinese law firm Dacheng; member of one of the world's largest law firm networks. Most competent legal consultants for foreign expansion in Hungary.

ASSESSOR Gazdasagi Tanacsado, Szogaltato es Kereskedelmi Kft ASSESSOR Vamugynokseg Europai Penzugyi es Vamszakertoi Mediacios Egyesulet Customs and tax, as well as foreign expansion consultation based on the three organizations' experiences.


Gaben Club, Sri Lanka, Sri Gunarathna Mawata, Kalahe, Wancha walla, GALLE, 8000

Cooperation with Sri Lankan governmental organs, esp. in tourism and energetics.


Premier Electric Co. (pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

Electrical, telecommunication and data network contractors.


Cegetel Services (pvt) Ltd.

Telecom, Power generation, Air traffic management, Railways.